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Commemorative Souvenir Book AD Form (For Corporation/Business, etc)

Commemorative Souvenir Book Ad Form

Milwaukee Sharon Seventh-Day Adventist Church

100th Anniversary, 1920-2020 (July 30th - August 2, 2020)


Sharon S.D.A. Church will be celebrating 100 years of ministry in the heart of the community.  Please help us make this event memorable and a blessing to Sharon Church and our community. We are asking for your ads, announcements, and/or donations.


Corporate, Business, Religious, and Nonprofits please complete the following:

Sponsor Type


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*** IMPORTANT*** After completing the form, send the information you would like on your Ad for our 100th Commemorative Souvenir Book.  If possible, please consider emailing this information electronically to the email address listed below. Submitting information electronically would be greatly appreciated.

  • Send emails and electronic documents to Domaz Wellington,
  • Questions, please contact Domaz Wellington, Souvenir Committee Chairperson (414-410-9993)
  • If you would like to submit funds electronically using our Online Giving services, click on the link below. Please submit under the Local Church tab, click on More Offering Categories, and check only one (1) box- Centennial Souvenir Ads.
  • Online Giving Services:


Make checks payable to Sharon S.D.A. Church

℅ Domaz Wellington, P.O. Box 18262, Milwaukee, WI 53218


The final deadline to submit your Ad forms and information is May 1, 2020.